Places of Legend

Nine Places of Legend in Talingarde

These nine locations feature prominently in many Talirean legends and stories. Of couse everyone knows that they are merely children stories and tall tales. Surely there is no truth to these tales…

The Lost Island of Taane-thak

The Yutak tell a tale of a lost island surrounded by dangerous rocks in the far north. The island, it is said, is the home of a tribe of frost giants led by a powerful giant sorceress known in stories as Taane-Thak or She without Mercy. Thanks to a curse lain upon them by good Talirean wizard centuries ago, the frost giants sleep in their hidden halls of ice appearing now to be little more than frozen statues.

The Barrow of the First King

Somewhere in the south, long lost and forgotten is the barrow of the first Talirean king. He reigned centuries ago when the first settlers came to the island. Still, he was said to be a great ruler and was buried with the wealth of his ancient kingdom.

Surely this must be a legend. How could the barrow have gone so long and still not be discovered? Still, if it could be discovered it was said that the First King revered all the gods and kept powerful relics to remind him of their power.

The Children of the White Spider

The barbaric Iraen tribesmen of the Caer Bryr whisper tales of a lost valley in the heart of the trackless forest inhabited by giant spiders wise enough to speak. These spiders call themselves the Skis’raal and though they are not evil per se, they are utterly alien and hostile to any who invade their hidden domain.

These spiders are fanatically devoted to a female priesthood of white spiders capable of using divine magic. Supposedly these white sisters worship a mysterious demigoddess known as the Queen in White. It is said cryptically whispered whoever controls her blood controls her brood.

The Mead Hall of the Ice Elven King

A powerful elven lord, tales relate, dwells somewhere in the savage north and if you can find his hidden mead hall you will find a true refuge amidst the endless snow. The Lord it is said is a kindly soul who eagerly trades space in his haven for a fine tale. However woe be onto those that covet his jeweled crown and enchanted sword.

The Lost Ansgarian Mine

Today the dwarves of Talingarde maintain few strongholds in the great Ansgar mountain range that runs the island’s length. They prefer to dwell in the cities of men where food is plentiful and the weather more forgiving. Still, once the Ansgar mountains were home to a thriving dwarven culture now all but forgotten.

Dwarven tales speak of a secret dwarven mine of mithral that the dwarven kings guarded so jealously that none was allowed to enter there unless they submitted to powerful magic that erased memory of the mine’s location. Thus when the last dwarven king died heirless centuries ago the secret of the mithral mine died with him. Still, there are dwarves in Ghastenhall and Matharyn who claim to have royal blood in their veins.

The Ice Troll Forges

In the savage north is found an ancient tribe of ice trolls, the degenerate remainder of a once much greater troll civilization. These surprisingly intelligent smiths work strange rare metals and craft magic treasures they trade with the bugbears. These are led by a great ice troll king named Sigarth Iekenhart. Sigarth is said to a genius among the ice trolls and despises the Talireans. Still it is said that one can barter with the trolls using mithral (or ice-steel as they call) which the trolls value above all else.

The Sunken City of Aath-Aryn

Several miles off the eastern coast of Talingarde is a colony of tritons that dwell amidst the ruins of a submerged city. Aath-Aryn, it is said, was once the sister city to the ancient city of Maath-Aryn (now better known these days as Matharyn, capital of Talingarde). However, its last king in his arrogance mocked the god of the sea. Thus the city was hit by a great tsunami and a powerful earthquake that permanently flooded the city. Now the lost city of Aath-Aryn (or just Aath) is merely a children’s tale remembered only in a nursery rhyme:

King Hoopa Loopa said to the sea
Aath’s not afraid of you! Are you afraid of me?
King Hoopa Loopa silly silly he!
He got dragged down to the bottom of the sea!
King Hoopa Loopa said to the sky
Don’t let me drown! Can you teach me how to fly?
King Hoopa Loopa silly silly guy!
Seven miles out and never ever dry!

The Wreck of the Dawn Triumphant

When a Mitran religious artifact was discovered on the mainland, the Church immediately arranged for its transport to their cathedral in Matharyn. The church fathers contracted the merchant vessel “The Dawn Triumphant” owned by a very pious sea captain.

Alas, that just before the entrance to the Cambrian Bay the ship struck a reef and sunk to the bottom of the sea with all her crew and cargo. The Cardinals of the Mitran Faith have offered exorbitant sums to anyone willing to brave the treacherous waters and reclaim the relic but so far have found no takers.

The Holy Caverns of the Naatanuk

Of all the intelligent races that dwell on Talingarde, the Naatanuk are probably the most misunderstood. Regarded as monsters by the Talireans, these intelligent polar bears are belived to be slaves or trained beasts in service of the bugbears. The Naatanuk have an ancient druidic tradition and it is in their holy hidden caverns that the rites and religions of their people are carried out. It is also here that their greatest treasures are stored.

Places of Legend

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